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Saturday, November 22, 2008
Welcome to English Priston Tale Unofficial

05 May 2009 Regarding wrong receipe name. It has been confirmed that your Recipe of Doom Weapon/Armor could be labeled incorrectly if you picked it up from a mob inside Endless Tower. What could be in your hands a Recipe of Frenzy Weapon would be labeled as Recipe of Doom Weapon. You can differeniate by the cost of the receipe at the NPC.

Recipe of Doom Weapon (16,000 Gold)
Recipe of Salamander Weapon (30,000 Gold)
Recipe of Wyvern Weapon (60,000 Gold)
Recipe of Phoenix Weapon (100,000 Gold)
Recipe of Frenzy Weapon (140,000 Gold)

Recipe of Doom Armor (16,000 Gold)
Recipe of Salamander Armor (30,000 Gold)
Recipe of Wyvern Armor (60,000 Gold)
Recipe of Phoenix Armor (100,000 Gold)
Recipe of Frenzy Armor (140,000 Gold)

06 April 2009 Easter Egg Event. Starting on Thursday April 9 at 3 PM EST, Easter Eggs will drop from monsters in all locations. These fun-filled treats come in a variety of colours, so try collecting them all! Easter in Priston Tale will last until April 20 at 10 AM EST. If eggs aren't enough, we're also doing double experience throughout this extended holiday!

25 March 2009 Valento Cash Shop Delay. Players may not receive their items for an extended period of time. Do not put items for this period of time.

25 March 2009 Double Experience Weekend. Starting on 12 PM EST (GMT -05:00), March 27th, double experience will begin on all servers. Double experience will end on the following Monday at 12 PM EST.

21 March 2009 Jera and Celesto Recall. Jera and Celesto were not meant to be sold for PT1 Points, but for SUBA Mileage. We'll be announcing the details of the full cash shop expansion and sale next week.

You may find that you didn't get either of these from the Item Distributor, because they were all recalled this morning.

Those people that took the items out already have either returned them, or have used the item. If you have returned the items, you will be refunded the cost of purchasing them. If you used the item or refused to return them when asked in person, then your PT1 Points will be refunded and the true value in SUBA Points will be deducted from your account.

All refunds will be made on Monday.

17 March 2009 New miscellaneous store npc located at 3 places now! outside cursed temple, inside greedy lake and inside Sanctuary of Darkness. And there is a new warehouse keeper npc in navisko!

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In the future we will include a function at to let you pick a User ID of your own choice. Affected players will be notified of this announcement by email as well. We will compensate affected players for this inconvenience.

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