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Monday, July 7, 2008
Guide by Bananaz


Strength - rest of stat points
Spirit - 64-72 for murky
Talent - 90 for 80d armor
Agility - 68-77 for 80d boots
Health - base


The build preferred by most high leveled Mechs, Power builds, as the name states, prioritizes attacking power over defense. In order to use the full potential of this build, Power builds require a two-handed weapon, like a scythe, to deal awesome damage. As for stats, WIS, AGI and TAL should be as the equipment requires, STM should be left alone, and the rest of the points dumped into STR. Skill-wise, prioritize Maximize, Grand Smash and Mechanical Weapon Mastery from the earlier tiers, then Metal Golem from tier 4 (the higher leveled Mechs may opt not to have the Golem, however fluffy it may be <3). These should be the first skills a Power Mech will have mastered. Later on, work on Compulsion, Physical Absorption and Extreme Shield to add tankability for those solo jobs.

The only real downside to a Power Mech is that expensive, top quality gear is a must. A Power Mech will not live long without this.

Taking advantage of a Mechanician's already high defense, a Tank build is built to last. The most valuable asset a Tank Mech will have is a shield. A Tank Mech with only a shield and Extreme Shield on will be able to survive Pikes a-plenty at BC. In regards to stats, STR, WIS, AGI and TAL should be at the requirements with everything else devoted towards STM. Skill-wise, Extreme Shield should be top priority, with Physical Absorption and Metal Armour following. As with tier 4, Completion should be mastered first, with either Metal Golem (for hunting) or Magnetic Spheres (for PvP) as optional extras.

Being the most inexpensive build, the obvious downside to Tank Mechs is the fact that they are absolutely rubbish at killing things.

A build for the indecisive, Hybrids have balanced offensive and defensive capabilities. They can use either one-handed or two-handed weapons. There is a number of ways to build a Hybrid Mech. Hybrids are purely custom, therefore have no real standard. Players may opt to use the skill sets of either Tank or Power Mechs with mixed stats.

Although Hybrids usually have a more potent attack than Tankers, it is still mediocre compared to that of a Power Mech.

For those with high-end computers, every minute spent leveling on rPT is turned into a laser show with a Spark Mech! The aim of the game is to hit as many things at once, hence making Spark Mechs the only true AoE (Area of Effect) Mechanician build. Spark Mechs use a Shield and a one-handed weapon to dish out the minute, but consistent damage. For Stats, a Spark Mech may opt for a Tanker-esque stat build, prioritizing STM over all (the rest to equipment requirements). Spark Shield and Spark are essential for Spark Mechs, with Physical Absorption, Metal Armour and Completion on the side to help with the damage taking. For attacking skills, use either Great Smash or Spark (to save on Skill Points) with Impulsion.

In reality, Spark Mechs are only useful at lower levels where monsters don't take a lot of damage to knock down.

A build for the unique, an Auto Mech makes use of a Mechanician's versatility. Armed with bows and javelins, Auto Mechs use the only bow/javelin specific skill to add attack speed, making them the fastest attacking Mechanician build. The range makes Auto Mechs useful decoys for hunts. Stats should have STR as the point pool, with WIS, TAL and AGI to equipment requirements. Skill-wise, Auto Mechs should invest points into Automation, Mechanician Weapon Mastery and Extreme Shield for tiers 1 through to 3. As for tier 4, master Completion first, then aim to get that Metal Golem to Lv10.

The only thing Auto Mechs have to boast about is their attack speed. They have nothing else going for them.

Interesting Tips

- Poison Attribute is a useless skill. Do not even consider wasting Skill Points on this skill.
- Mech users with low-end computers should take precautions when using Completion in crowded spawns. This has been known to cause client crashes.
- There is a bug that allows Mechanic Bomb to have an infinite range. Although useless, it does look quite awesome.
- Metal Armour, Physical Absorption, Maximize and Automation do not stack. Metal Armour, however, automatically incorporates 120% of Physical Absorption's ABS bonus.
- Extreme Shield and Spark Shield do not stack.
- Spark, Mechanic Bomb and Great Smash are a Mechanician's only true AoE skills.
- The damage done by Spark, Mechanic Bomb, Spark Shield and Impulsion is independent from a Mech's attack power.
- A Metal Golem's HP is dependent on the STR stat of a Mech.
- Metal Armour requires MS armour in order to work.
- The bonus from Mechanic Weapon Mastery only applies to MS weapons.
- Impulsion requires that all targets are within range to achieve the maximum number of hits.
- Metal Golems are primarily used as bugging tools during high leveled hunts.
- It is possible to bug a monster using only Completion and a Metal Golem.
posted by T @ 1:18 AM  
  • At August 12, 2009 at 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    so the mech build is almost the same as the knight build ?
    btw liek this guide it was helpful ^^

  • At September 29, 2009 at 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    About the automech;
    "Stats should have STR as the point pool, with WIS, TAL and AGI to equipment requirements"... what??? You do realize that ranged AP comes from Agi Right?

    "The only thing Auto Mechs have to boast about is their attack speed. They have nothing else going for them"
    Just referring to firt point... no wonder!

  • At December 18, 2009 at 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ya about auto mech: agi should be first priority, with Wis set to LOW equipment req's(ms only); Tal should be kept to a minimum also and Str low but definitely user's choice... mech is great for those who prefer soloing, and find the mech's aoe kind of boring and pathetic unless you're high lvl with great gear.

    otherwise great tipd!

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