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Monday, August 11, 2008
Please note the following when applying for a clan:
You will need to meet the required level specified when applying for the clan, whereas special cases may occur if you talk to the CLAN CHIEF directly.
Required level to apply for clan may change from CLAN CHIEF decision.
For clans that are CLOSED TO PUBLIC, please talk to the respectitive CLAN CHIEF to apply.

The following causes will have your clan not listed here:
- Clan which has a bad reputation,
- Clan with members who hack, scam, or any form of cheating(Please remove the clan member performing of the illegal acts),
- Clan that was already disband.
- Newly formed clans please submit your clan information to Your clan must have at least 20 members to be eligible for display.
- To avoid misleading players from applying passe/inactive clans, these clans have been remove in our database. ONLY active clans will be listed here.

Level 8x or above
Photobucket Conquer by bearhug03
Photobucket Immortal by mel_rocks
Photobucket OHxR3BIRTH by woepsie
Photobucket PhoeniX by dash
Photobucket Supernova by Ringo
Photobucket Synced by SpArOw[Fr]

Level 7x or above
Photobucket ALL41v14ALL by Perra_Tula_Rlz
Photobucket Cookiep0wnrZ by Bunnywunnyja
Photobucket Elysium by Falara
Photobucket HigherCallin by thc4me
Photobucket iNfam0us by Flickarus
Photobucket SaWadDee by SAWADEE
Photobucket Summoning by Haryel

Level 6x or above
Photobucket FrIeNds by [HMX]
Photobucket Unity by hwk

Closed to Public
Photobucket ]PTrenewal[ by novasky
Photobucket MagicRainbow by Annaliiz
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